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It feels awesome to rep the Kingdom and everything it stands for. Not to mention the Legacy long sleeve is super soft and comfy!

Erin P.

Clowdus Clothing. One of the best things I decided to buy. All clothes are very comfy and extremely stylish. Not only does it bring you comfort and make you look amazing wearing it, but it also has a much deeper meaning. Clowdus Clothing has a meaning behind every piece of clothing ever designed. The hard work and dedication that has gone into making these designs is immaculate and very well thought out. The person who made these designs continues to inspire me each and every day, from the life lessons to the words of encouragement.

Myah V.

Wearing  Clowdus Clothing to me.... means putting on EXCELLENCE! Better bring your A GAME. WE AIN'T SETTLING TODAY! LET'S BE GREAT.

Jennifer R.

I originally bought Clowdus Clothing in support of Hunter, however, I knew it had a deeper meaning. Getting my first package made me ecstatic and I was over the moon to open it. Not many celebrities care about their fans like Hunter does, he took time out of his day to design something he knew people would like. Whenever I put on a piece of Clowdus Clothing I own I feel happy and secure. It feels like a warm hug that never let's go. This is one brand I will forever keep coming back to.

Lizzie D.

Clowdus Clothing is truly a representation, of grit and one thing is everything. It challenges me to look within myself, on both good days and sad days to keep fighting. That I have overcome what killed most people, who I am truly made of! A warrior and something beyond greater than me! Love, grit, resilient, a light in this dark world. A leader!

Nefertiti H.

Clowdus clothing is the softest material I have ever worn in my life. It fits your body perfectly and it doesn't shrink in the dyer. I will be buying more very soon.

La'Qwinta W.

When I brought my first piece of merch from Clowdus Clothing I was very excited because when you wear it, it means so much more, it means family and a community and it represents how far Hunter has come and how much Hunter appreciates his fans and those who support him and the inspiration behind Hunter and what he stands for and the wisdom and life lessons he gives.

Shereece L.

Clowdus Clothing is very comfortable to wear! When I wear it I always get asked about the crown logo. It gives me an opportunity to explain that the crown represents the hard work and dedication I have for my life and always striving to be the king I rightfully am. It’s an honor to wear something that has meaning behind it.

Greg S.

Clowdus Clothing stands for so much more than just the comfort and quality materials used. It's that Clowdus belief system/mind set of giving 100% in all you do... no excuses, no matter what. Being true to yourself and going after what you want. It's knowing that the man behind Clowdus Clothing gives his all to to the Clowdus Kingdom, all the time- no matter what. And that means a lot.

Nickie S.

kngtrx by hunter clowdus (feat. Dann Wyatt)

KNGTRX by Hunter Clowdus - 423

The world record breaking album is now live on all streaming platforms!!